About my work

I investigate versions of reality, through an exploration of our relationship with materials, technology and each other.

Utilising the senses I aim to provide a space that both challenges and enables a rethinking of entrenched beliefs and patterns of thought and behaviour; a space that connects to, and has the potential for, creating new narratives for a more humane and sustainable future. 

My projects usually consists of three elements: photography, sculpture and connection/collaboration, combined into one project or addressed separately. More specifically I work with one of the oldest photographic processes called wet plate collodion. I am interested in this process because it is slow and physical in its creation, each image is unique and it shows the movement of chemicals across a metal plate and it reveals elements of the environment that it was taken in. Imperfect and lasting, it is the antithesis of the ‘selfie’ and consumerist culture.  

About me

Having grown up in Dumfries & Galloway, first in Auchencairn then in Moniaive this landscape is where I call home, and now having spent time in Glasgow I joke that I am a Galloweegian (Galloway and Glasgow). I have always loved communicating through creativity and creating stories, so when I received the email confirming my place at Glasgow School of Art I was thrilled. To move to the big city seemed like an escape and also a new beginning. To my surprise after graduating being given the opportunity to come back to this beautiful place made me very excited indeed.

As a recent graduate from Glasgow School of Art I have been trying to continue my practice and also find my own feet out with the parameters of an institution. The ‘Emerge’ bursary has been an excellent opportunity for me, not only to create work back in my home turf of Dumfries and Galloway, but has also given me a chance to become part of a network. I have been finding a way of being an independent artist with all the complications that come with it. One of these complications I found while on the journey to creating work; I no longer had the Universities expertise and facilities at my fingertips. I had to search and be informed by my tutor, where to find such things as a scanner, a good printers, and all the little things that were once contained within a single building. These are and now spread across a large area ranging from near Carlisle to Glasgow

One of the most amazing things for me has been to reconnect and to build contacts in Dumfries and Galloway. The artists’ environment here is thriving and inspiring. It has made me so happy to call this place home; I have never felt so individually supported.